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Frieden’s church was organized in 1793 and was from the beginning a Union (Lutheran and Reformed) church. The first pastors were John Conrad Yeager on the Lutheran side and John Henry Hoffmeier on the Reformed side. A church building was erected in 1793 upon a plot of ground donated by William Mory and “for which he gave the deed for a consideration of five shillings”. Among those signing the agreement to erect a Church are the names of Philip Bahl, Adam Romig, William Mory, Peter Hartman, Franz Hartman, Conrad Rau, Martin Apple, Peter Weber, Philip Buchecher, Peter Schaeffer and Andreas Heller. While the work was being done, the congregations worshiped in Mory’s barn.

The new building was dedicated on the 24th of November, 1793 with the two pastors in charge of the services. The Moravians sent representatives, pastors and musicians, who took an active part in the services. The Rev. Mr. Klingsohr of the Moravian Church dedicated the building “to the service of Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit” and gave it the name of Evangelical Friedens Church. It was judged that between seven and eight hundred persons were present. Services were continued the following day.

The first child baptized in the new Church was Maria Gernet on Christmas Day, 1793, with Pastor Yeager officiating. He administered the Lord’s Supper on May 11, 1794 to forty-two members of the Lutheran congregation. Pastor Hoffmeier administered the Holy Communion to forty-nine members of the Reformed congregation on the 22nd of June, 1794. The first class of Confirmands was received on the 26th of April, 1795 by Pastor Hoffmeier. The class numbered thirty-one. Pastor Yeager confirmed his first class of eighteen persons on the 16th of April, 1797.

An organ was purchased in 1808 at a cost of about $1300. The congregations prospered and in 1817 it became necessary to enlarge the Church. In 1839, only 22 years after the original building had been enlarged, a new Church was built on a slightly different location. The first Church stood between the present building and the sexton’s house (in dry seasons, the outlines of the foundations may still be seen), the second Church was one hundred years old in 1939.

Since its organization, Friedens Church has owned and operated its own cemetery for the benefit of members. The first cemetery was acquired in 1793 and consists of that portion nearest the Church; burials are no longer made in this section. In 1924, the old cemetery was graded and improved. The second cemetery, across the road from the parking lot, was acquired in 1859 at a cost of $347.82. It consists of one acre and ten perches. In 1890, three more acres were added, this tract having been purchased from Thomas Bennet at a cost of $350 per acre. Three additional acres were acquired from the New Jersey Zinc Company in 1924 in exchange for mineral rights under certain parts of the Church property. In 1926, one acre was purchased from Howard Ritter at a cost of $200. There are an unusually large number of soldiers buried at Friedensville…the total number representing all wars is 115. (Of this group, 20 are listed as participants in the Revolutionary War and 72 are Civil War Veterans).

The Sunday School was organized on the 29th of April, 1855 with 13 teachers and 65 scholars. It met only during the summer months. The first year-round sessions were held in 1862. Five years later it met for the first time in the Church, previous sessions having been held in the school house.

On the 4th of October, 1963 papers on dissolution of the Union Church were signed and the Lutheran Congregation purchased the present Church building. By November of 1965, plans were completed and approved by the congregation for the construction of a Christian Education Building to be located north of the present Church.

From: “Upper Saucon – A Bicentennial Tribute – 1743-1976”
Published by the Upper Saucon Bicentennial Committee